Wealth Creation


Building wealth can be an onerous and daunting task that can leave many feeling overwhelmed and with a sense that it is ‘all too hard’. It often leads to some common queries ‘should I buy a property now?’, ‘are shares a good option?’ or ‘how can I minimise tax?’.

Our approach is to take a step back and understand the goals that are truly important to you. When you a have deep understanding of your goals, your investment choices become easier and you will have greater confidence in the outcomes of your strategies.   

Wealth creation strategies can take on many forms and we focus on the ones that we believe will add the most value to you. They include, but are not exclusive to: 

  • negative gearing

  • superannuation contributions (yes, there are more types than employer contributions)

  • debt recycling

  • asset structuring

  • portfolio construction

  • strategic asset allocation

Once the optimal mix of strategies are established, we will then identify the most appropriate financial products to implement your strategies. As an independently owned business, our recommended products are based on quality research and robust back testing, rather than the interests of any parent companies. Our business structure gives us the freedom to only deal with quality fund managers, banking institutions and investment platform providers. 

At Avant-garde, we want take the pressure off you and help build a solid financial plan that will enable you to confidently chase your goals. We not only provide you with timely advice, but we will implement it for you as well, ensuring that your strategies are executed properly and that you realise the full benefits.