Retirement Planning


We live in interesting times, where the political and economic environment is extremely uncertain. Since the ‘Global Financial Crisis’, we have seen cash rates drop from approximately 7% per annum to levels that do not keep up with inflation. As a result, relying on cash to achieve your retirement goals is no longer a viable option. Add the recent changes to the superannuation system, tightening of Age Pension entitlements and sharp increases to utility prices, planning for retirement has never been more challenging.

At the Avant-Garde Financial Group, we help you mitigate the noise and address the key areas that will impact your retirement savings. These areas include: 

  • whether you have sufficient capital to meet your income needs each year

  • do you have the right investment mix

  • do you have the right asset structures to prolong the life of your capital

  • do you need to consider downsizing your home

  • how can you maximise your Age Pension entitlement

  • do you have sufficient cash reserves to meet your short-term needs

  • have you got any contingencies if everything doesn’t go to plan

Through our capital projections, we will weigh up the impact of these key factors, devise a strategic plan and recommend a solution to give you the greatest probability of achieving your objectives. We understand that you need clarity more than ever as you transition from the workplace into retirement and we want to ensure that you spend it doing the things that you enjoy. 

Of course your circumstances will change and the future will present its challenges, but our advice process will ensure that we regularly review your situation, so that your plan remains tailored to your needs.