Free calculators you might find useful, and get in touch if we can help further!



Borrowing Power
Obtain an estimate of how much you can borrow.

Savings Goal – How Long
Calculate how long it will take to save your deposit based on your current saving rate.

Savings Goal – How Much
Calculate how much you need to save each month to achieve your deposit withing your time frame.



Loan Repayment
Calculate your estimated loan repayments.

Extra Repayments
See what impact some extra repayments make on paying off your mortgage.

Fortnightly Repayments
See the benefits of making an accelerated fortnightly repayment.

How Long to Repay
Determine how long it will take to repay your mortgage based on a certain repayment amount and frequency.

Interest Only
Determine what your repayments will be, before and after, your interest only period.

Loan Comparison
Compare the monthly repayments for two different loans.



Stamp Duty
Determine the amount of stamp duty payable on a property purchase.

Property Buying Costs
Help identify all the costs associated with buying a property.

Property Selling Costs
Help identify all the costs associated with selling a property.